Lifespan of Epoxy Floors

Have you been grown accustomed to dull and less attractive flooring systems?

If so, it is the right time to give a dramatic transformation to your floors. As floors are one of the first things that your visitors will notice in your home, it is crucial they have catchy and luxurious features. With this, epoxy floors are the best option for you.

For both residential and commercial owners, epoxy floors are convenient and smart option for long-lasting flooring. When it comes to durability, are epoxy floors really worth your investment? How long do they need to be replaced? If you are thinking about installing epoxy coating on your floor, these are questions that you should consider.

No worries! We'll give you bits of information about the lifespan of epoxy floors. Read to discover if they are worthy of your penny for long years.

What is Epoxy Coating?

First things first, let us know how epoxy floors became what they are now. Don't be mistaken between epoxy paint and epoxy coating because they are two different things. Epoxy floors commonly deal with epoxy coating wherein two components are combined to finish the floor. One is the epoxy resin and the other is polyamine hardener. They should mix well together before applying to the floor.

What comes next?

The mixture will be used for a given period of time. Yes, you heard it right! Epoxy coating is not applied to the floor automatically after mixing the components. You have to wait for some time for it to dry. By then, you can come up with a highly durable floor surface that can withstand the test of time.

Why Epoxy Floors Became a Popular Choice for People?

Epoxy flooring is highly tolerant of weight and regular usage. This is one reason why it's a common choice for industrial, commercial and manufacturing industries. These types of environment face great deals on floor traffic everyday that's why owners should carefully choose the type of flooring or material to use.

With this, epoxy flooring comes into play. They can maximize their budget while ensuring high productivity. Epoxy floors are not just affordable but easy to maintain as well.

So, how long do epoxy floors last?

Anything can last for years if it's properly maintained and taken care of. The good thing about epoxy floors is that even it requires low maintenance, it doesn't wear or damage easily unlike other types of flooring.

Generally, epoxy floors last 2 to 3 years depending on the floor traffic. Of course, if it's used for industrial or public spaces, then it could have a grave effect on its durability and lifespan. However, for residential spaces, the lifespan might take longer than expected considering the number of people using the floor on a daily basis.

How can you achieve a long lifespan for epoxy floors? Simply! Do proper maintenance of daily sweeping, thorough cleaning using mild scrubber at least once a week, recoat the floor if necessary and many more. When you see the need to clean it, then do so. You don't want to waste your money on the floor that's easily wear, do you?

The lifespan of epoxy floors can be years or even months considering several factors. But still, if longevity is at stake, there is no doubt that epoxy flooring makes it to the top. Call an expert epoxy floor installer today for great deals!

lifespan of epoxy

Here Are The Factors That Affect The Longevity Of Epoxy Floor
Basically, the longevity of epoxy floor is influenced by different factors such as:

  • The Amount of traffic it receives
  • Identifying how much vehicle or foot traffic your terrazzo floors receives will help you know the longevity
    of the floor. When you keep on moving or dragging heavy object consistently, there’s a high possibility of dents and scratches.
    Through considering this factor before installation, it will let you put the right components into the flooring accurate for the level of
    traffic it receives.

  • Who will install the epoxy floor?
  • DIY installing is a big no-no if you want a long-lasting investment. Always let the professional handle the job for you. It is not just
    about the professional level job they can provide. It is all about the warranty they offer which goes along with the installation job.
    Epoxy floors can be incredibly intricate. It implies that only experts are eligible for the job. Instead of doing the job alone or hiring
    someone who just claims to be a floor installer, why not spare yourself from regrets. This is made possible when you connect with pro installers.
    They offer the best services that will surely render you the most luxurious flooring systems for your business or household.

    Maintenance routine Another important factor is the maintenance routine.
    When your epoxy floor is cleaned properly and regularly maintained as mentioned above, it will surely stay for several years.
    Now that you are aware of the lifespan and factors that affect its longevity, the next thing that you need to do is to look for a trusted
    Epoxy floor installers. Improper installation of epoxy flooring systems can cause hair yanking stress in the near future.
    So, you have to spare yourself from this hassle by asking for the help of a reputable company that can help you upgrade your floors in a fast and
    efficient way. Do your homework. Talk to someone who has proven track record to know more about epoxy flooring.


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    For both residential and commercial owners, epoxy floors are convenient and smart option for long-lasting flooring.