Which Epoxy Floor Style Should I Choose?


For some people, decorating their garage from something outdated and boring into an eye-catching space that highlights how exquisite their rides, is a huge decision to make.

As the foundation of the whole garage, the floorings receive the most considerable amount of time to decorate, as this will the part that is mostly used. Also, aside from ability to withstand wear and tear, the costs, garage owners also want to consider the latest trend and style in decorating their garage floors.

An epoxy floor coating is actually a liquid, thus it can be applied directly to existing concrete after initial preparation that will leave a virtually seamless and attractive surface. Epoxy Floorings are so stylish that when it is properly prepared and installed, it can actually look better than other flooring styles.

It is also guaranteed to last for years as it is made using grade materials, like durable polyurethanes, and polyureas.

In this regard, many people are choosing Epoxy Floorings as they exhibit durability, chemical, acid, solvent, stains and scratch resistant, abrasion, low maintenance and easy-to-clean surfaces, ability to withstand thermal shock, and extreme temperature cycling. The non-slip feature will also improve the safety around your garage.

In addition to these features, the grout lines that tend to look dirty in the long run is also avoided with the use of Epoxy Floorings, because of the seamless feature. Epoxy Floorings are also naturally shiny and illuminates light, thus it will require less indoor lightning and will lets you save on energy.

The following descriptions on the types of Epoxy Flooring that are usually used in Garage Floorings, and they are installed will help you decide on which Epoxy Flooring you should choose.

Solid (Matte)

Solid Epoxy is a high-build epoxy that has self-leveling properties. It has two components, one which has to be mixed to start the chemical reaction while curing. Once the chemical reaction takes place, the material hardens fully. Solid epoxy has to be applied quickly using oversized rollers and spiked shoes to move over the floor.

After the first coat of epoxy goes down and turns very thinly and deeper into the concrete, the main coat can be applied. Anti-slip can also be added to the prime and main coats to create a floor surface that is still easy to clean.

The following are the benefits of installing solid Epoxy Floorings in the garage floors:

  • Stops dragging dusts from the garage into the house
  • Clean and oil does not sit on the floor, making it easier to clean
  • Reduces humidity as the concrete holds the moisture
  • Affordable
  • Available in different (solid colors white, black, red, medium grey, light grey, medium blue, medium brown, and beige)
  • Guarantees long-term use (until 9 years)
  • Solid suits every single car!


flake epoxy flooring

Floor chip Epoxy Flake is just one of the many aesthetic options of epoxy flooring. These decorative flakes can be used to achieve a variety of appearances in an epoxy flooring system.

The selected multi-colored flakes are randomly incorporated into the resin system while still in liquid form. This makes the floors as a one of a kind creation where no patterns are repeated.

Flakes can be synthetic or can be made up of a natural mica mineral which are available in various sizes, appearance, colors and blends.

Some of the advantages of choosing Flake Epoxy in your garage are the following:

  • Simple and affordable way to customize flooring
  • Durable
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Available in 15 designs (e.g. wave, sunrise, stone, shark, shadow, scale quarry, pebble, granite, canyon, camo, etc.).
  • Promotes safety
  • Can withstand years of wear and tear on its own without requiring a sealer.
  • Provides beautiful finish that suits Motorcycles, Off Road Cars and even Sports Cars..

So, if for example you have a Harley in your garage, Epoxy Flake Flooring would be perfect!

Harley Davidson on a Flake Epoxy Flooring

And if you have a sports car in your garage, we have a variety of flake options and colors to match your ride!
You can check out these options by clicking here.


Metallic (Glow and Stain)

Metallic Epoxy has metallic glitter-like pigments that are mixed into an epoxy resin before it is poured onto the floor. These pigments gather, separate, twist and turn to reflect light at different angles, once disturbed by a paintbrush or roller.

When the epoxy hardens and the metallic pigments are locked into place, it can give a three-dimensional and luxurious look. They can be customized to extremely durable, low yellowing, seamless, microbial, slip and chemical resistant.

The following are the benefits that you can get in choosing metallic epoxy.

  • Smooth, elegant appearance that is easy to clean.
  • High level of resistance, suited for heavy cars.
  • Protects the cement floor against moisture, grease, cracks and stains.
  • Durable as it can withstand the wear and tear of vehicles.
  • Lasts long without peeling or cracking.
  • Offers a variety of solid (white, black, red, medium grey, light grey, medium blue, medium brown, and beige) and
    stained (bronze, brown, copper, gold, green, ocean, onyx, orange, passion, pearl, purple, reef, scarlet, silver, walnut, and sky light) colors, designs and patterns.
  • Reflects lights off the floor, thus enhances visibility.

    Metallic Glow (Solid Color) is suited for every car, all you need is to find its matching-color.
    But Metallic Stains will bring out the beauty of your Sedan, Coupe, Muscle Car, Hot Rod, Sports Car and even your Motorcycle.

    Metallic Glow (Solid Color):
    Metallic Stains:

    Why you should use Metallic Flooring Epoxy in your Garage?

    All these epoxy flooring styles that were mentioned are suitable to be used in garage floorings, as they are all durable, easy to install and maintain, and worth the cost.

    However, most people choose the metallic flooring epoxy, because of all the epoxy styles of floorings, the metallic style is the most decorative, flashy and stylish.

    It gives an interesting option for those who are looking for a more exotic style, as the coatings create a deep glossy floor with a variety of colors and visual effects. In some instances, it can even create a three-dimensional effect, suggesting depth and illusions of craters, undulations and swirling metallic rivers.

    Metallic Epoxy is also suitable for almost kind of cars, not to mention that the luminous glow of metallic flooring will surely make your rides to look more elegant.

    So get ready and give your garage the overhaul it deserves!


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