Process of Epoxy Flooring Application

Armour Flooring has a reputation for having the best epoxy floor specialists in the industry.
This is reputation is rightfully earned. We take great pride and care in our garage flooring projects.
Our process begins the same day you call.
Our floor specialists will arrive to inspect and evaluate the garage floor, and discuss with you what look and designs you want. Once that is all confirmed, we set up for the 3-day installation process.

Day 1: Preparation & Epoxy Primer

Shot blasting- The floor is shot blasted in order to create a coarse surface which enables the epoxy primer to enter deep into the concrete surface.
This process allows the epoxy to create a strong bond both chemically and mechanically to the concrete.
Grinding – Any cracks or irregular surfaces are grinded to become smooth and therefore guaranteeing a solid bond between the epoxy and concrete.
Patching – Cracks and Holes are patched using a high-quality Polymer Modified patching compound and thereafter grinded to unveil a smooth surface.
Epoxy primer – this is the first part of epoxy which is applied. It is a clear primer which soaks into the exposed pores of the concrete surface and creates the bond.

Day 2: Epoxy Color & Flake

Colored epoxy is applied and whilst the epoxy is still wet, if you have decided upon using the flake effect, the colored flakes are then strewn across the surface.

Day 3: Chemical Resistance Clear Top Coat

On the third and final day of the epoxy flooring process, the surface is scraped to eradicate any additional unwanted flakes.
The top coat is applied, the coat is resistant to any chemicals and abrasions and provides the floor with a high gloss look.

Different types of epoxy flooring:

  • Self-dispersing: This type is good for high traffic spaces as it is durable and strong.
  • Self-dispersing with quartz: The quartz creates an anti-slip quality.
  • Self-leveling: This is mostly used for residential purposes, easy to clean, high scratch and impact resistance. It is a two-part process; first, the coating, which can be applied to new and old concrete surfaces, special rollers are implemented to apply the product evenly and then it is left to cure. The result is a smooth surface.
  • Epoxy Flaked: Standard epoxy flooring with flakes or chips which are added in for decorative purposes.
  • Mortar Epoxy Flooring: This type is the strongest of epoxy floors, therefore is is mainly utilized in heavy industrial areas.
  • Graveled Epoxy Coating: This type is mostly about the aesthetics as the mixture between the epoxy coating and gravel/quartz results in a beautiful finish. It also has safety measures because it is anti-slip.

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