1How is Your Epoxy Flooring Service Different from Others?
Armour Flooring is the most trusted, experienced, and well-recommended epoxy flooring service in Baltimore. We know that your flooring needs because we have been in the business for years. We employ the best technicians and professionals who know flooring services like no other. Our employees are known for their professionalism, artistic style, and high quality services.

We are open 7 days a week for your home garage flooring needs.
You can call Armour Flooring for a A Free Quote & For A Same Day Estimates

We understand that each client has specific needs and requirements for every project. This is why we customize every flooring project to ensure that it fits your garage floor needs. And because we are locally based in Baltimore, we are one of the most affordable flooring services within your reach. Ours is a family-owned small business. This is why we make it a personal commitment to every client to deliver high quality service. We offer customized solutions for clients with specific requirements in their garage flooring. We use the most aesthetic and environment-friendly materials to ensure safety for your family and property.
2What can I do to prepare for your arrival?
Household accessories and vehicles will need to be removed from the area during the installation and the curing process. Of course, It all depends on the type of Epoxy coating your choose, and other factors like time of year and temperature.
3How much does it cost?
It depends on the square footage and overall condition of your floor.
Each job is priced according to the project required.
4How long will the floor take to dry after the epoxy is applied?
You can move your belongings back into your garage/house approximately 24 hours after the final application.
In addition, we ask the customer to wait at least 7 days before before driving automobiles onto surface (part of the curing process of the floor).
5Are there many styles to choose from?
Yes. We have different products of epoxy floors to suit your style. You can find more information about it on Our Epoxy Coatings page
6What are your store hours and where are you located?
Open: All Week 7:30AM – 7:00PM
We're located in Baltimore, Maryland and the surrounding areas.
7Will it be very dusty during the installation?
Although our technicians do their best to keep dust to a minimum there will be a small amount of dust.
8Can I purchase the material from you?
No. Once you call Armour Flooring, one of our epoxy specialist will come out to inspect your garage and give you a quote for an epoxy flooring job.
9Can I park my car after waiting 48 hours?
Vehicles are heavy, so we strongly recommend to maintain all vehicles away from the garage for at least 5 days.

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