Frequently Asked Questions

1What is an epoxy floor?

You may have heard it before, it is a type of resin that is applied to the ground in several layers. Epoxy refers to a system of two main components, resin and catalyst or hardener. The resin and the catalyst are mixed with each other homogeneously and their chemical reaction forms a rigid and wear-resistant material, this material adheres very well to its base, mainly concrete floor, epoxies are resistant and are used mainly in very demanding industrial environments.

2What can I do before the installation?

Household accessories and vehicles will need to be removed from the area during the installation and the curing process. Of course, It all depends on the type of Epoxy coating your choose, and other factors like time of year and temperature.

3 How do I clean my new epoxy flooring?

You can do this by giving your new floors a light general clean with a broom, a dust mop or alternatively a leaf blower. For a further deeper clean, you can mop your floor with a mixture of water and ammonia. It should be noted that it is best to avoid any form of soap mixtures, as they tend to leave a film which can lead to your floors to become very slippery. Metallic floor coatings are considered to show a lot more wear and tear, and typically will need more maintenance and so it is recommended to use this form in areas that will get swept regularly.

4How much does it cost?

It depends on the square footage and overall condition of your floor.
Each job is priced according to the project required.

5How long will the floor take to dry after the epoxy is applied?

You can move your belongings back into your garage/house approximately 24 hours after the final application.
In addition, we ask the customer to wait at least 7 days before before driving automobiles onto surface (part of the curing process of the floor).

6Are there many styles to choose from?

Yes. There's many different products of epoxy floors to suit your style. You can find more information about it here:  Epoxy Coatings

7Can I park my car after waiting 48 hours?

Vehicles are heavy, so we strongly recommend to maintain all vehicles away from the garage for at least 5 days.

8What floors should not be epoxy coated?

Uncoated Floors, Wood Floors, Tile Floors, Ceramic Tile Floors, Diamond Sandblasting and Polishing, Unglazed Tile, Luxury Vinyl Tile and Vinyl Plank, Vinyl Composition Tile, Sheet and Linoleum are usually floors that are not suitable for epoxy coating.