benefits of installing epoxy on your garage floor


Floors usually cost more than double what epoxy flooring costs. Where 1 sq ft of other materials costs around $5 – $8, epoxy flooring costs around $2 – $5.              The durability and low maintenance of the floors add to its affordability. There aren’t expensive costs for repairs and refinishes once the epoxy floor is applied. This is incredibly advantageous when it comes to the epoxy flooring as it can match up to all consumer budgets.

Low Maintenance

Concrete floors already preserve quickly–adding epoxy coating makes it even more preservable. Meaning there will be very little maintenance because of its durability. The care the floors require once in a while is swabbing them with soap and water. Having garage floor coating saves you time and money by not having repairs. The floor coating resists oil stains, beads water, and wipes super clean and will create a seamless surface.

Environmentally Friendly

Epoxy flooring actually does not contain harmful chemicals or materials, and is safe to have inside your garage. Garage door epoxy coating creates NO mustiness, fungus, allergies, or mold. The best part about it being environmentally friendly is the surface coating accumulates extreme temperatures, saving you money on your energy bill.

Instant Use

The epoxy floors can be used as soon as the application is finished, since there are no harmful chemicals. The floors are also free of toxic evaporation.  Epoxy flooring is quickly and easily installed, which means less time shutting down production for installation.

Aesthetics & Design

If the look of concrete in your garage isn’t doing it for you, epoxy flooring is the solution. Epoxy floors are smooth, clean, polished, at the most affordable price. Attractive Epoxy floors will make any area beautiful and will increase the value of the structure the floors are being installed in. There are endless designs that can be applied to epoxy floors. Simple, neutral colours can applied, metallic designs, marble effects, logo designs, and even 3-D designs. Customize your garage floors however simple, classic, or extravagant you want! The number of choices makes it an economical way to upgrade plain concrete.


Epoxy floors are sanitary and resistant to bacteria. Epoxy flooring is so safe, that after it has cured, your children are able to safely walk, sit or play on your epoxy floors. They also provide a skid proof surface. They are heat and fire resistant. They are dust free and are resistant to acids and suitable for any application. They also adhere well to surfaces made of concrete, metal, tiles, wood and others. Epoxy will protect and extend the life of concrete.  It enhances visibility inside the garage by reflecting light off the floor.


Epoxy floors are incredibly strong, and work in the most demanding environments, garages included. They can withstand years and years of the weight of cars being stored on them, and the “ware and tear” of them driving in and out. High-grade epoxy resin is used to upgrades floors that have damage, obtain colored effects, protect floors against corrosion and achieve waterproofing.  Choosing an epoxy coating can also reduce wear on vehicles in your facility because it is more forgiving on machinery.


Epoxy flooring protects the underlying concrete from moisture, stains, grease and cracks. Epoxy floors have a longer lifespan than most floors. Epoxy acts as a waterproof adhesive. They are anti-fatigue, meaning heavy cars and equipment don’t ware on them, and the floors don’t ware on your cars.

It is important that a professional applies epoxy flooring. Even with all the benefits, there is precise preparation that needs to happen. When our floor specialists apply it, they make sure there is NO moisture on the floors. If there is any moisture between the epoxy and the concrete, the epoxy will start to lift, create bubbles, and will soon need to be reapplied. If that happens, it takes away from the affordability and ease of getting epoxy floors.
But when you use Armour Flooring, the epoxy application will be perfect the first time around.